Chris Bassitt of Toronto stops the Phillies’ offense and snaps their 11-game home winning streak

John Carter
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With an outstanding outing on the mound, Toronto’s Chris Bassitt shut down the Philadelphia Phillies’ attack and ended their remarkable 11-game home winning streak. The Phillies mounted a late rally, but Bassitt’s dominance in the mound proved insurmountable, and the Toronto Blue Jays prevailed 5-3 at Citizens Bank Park after a fierce battle.

The two sides engaged in a fierce struggle during the game, with Bryce Harper leading the Phillies’ attack. But after grounding out in the eighth inning, Harper threw his bat in exasperation, signifying the Phillies’ problems against Bassitt and the Blue Jays’ pitching staff.

The Phillies attempted to extend their home winning streak in the ninth inning, but ultimately failed and left the tying run on base. The squad suffered a setback as they attempted to sustain their momentum throughout the season as the loss ended both their seven-game winning run overall and their 11-game winning streak at home.

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