Sardar M Imran

Why wood flowers are here to stay in our homes

When we say faux flowers, the very first picture appears in our minds is of a floral arrangement of the 70s and 80s, with unnatural lurid colors and plastic petals. These fake floral arrangements were so tacky and cheap.

But today’s wood flower bouquet and floral arrangements can make you pleasantly surprised by their stunning appearance and most admirable features. These incredibly realistic and high-quality, modern sola wood flowers are experiencing a revolution.

Wood flowers and wooden bouquet have generated an impressive and eco-friendly concept according to that sola wood flowers are the flowers more economical than fresh blooms – both in terms of money and time.

Now we know very well that the right sola wood flowers can fill our home with beauty and colors for years. And here, is sharing a few of our impressive and beautiful ideas on how you can use wooden bouquet and sola wood flowers around your home to bring it to life.

• Sola wood flowers in the sitting room:

Adding flowers in your sitting room can be a little tricky because it is often a gathering place for the whole family. Use a wooden bouquet just in the middle of a coffee table to center your sitting room and place this arrangement somewhere it won’t be brushed or elbowed against. Keep the color scheme natural and bright to draw the eye and add depth.

• Wood flowers in the hallway:

Choose a color option for wood blooms here that sets the tone for the rest of your house. Create a huge show-stopping arrangement here and follow the bigger the better concept to decorate the hallways. It is the beauty of wood flowers that you need no water in your vase and there is nothing to worry about pollen deposits that could stain your upholstery. All these features of wood flowers make them superior from their real substitutes.

• Wooden blooms in the bedroom:

Wood flowers are incredibly low maintenance, requiring just a little care with light dusting occasionally. To brighten your bedroom instantly, place a wood floral arrangement beside your bed or on top of a chest of drawers to add a thoughtful touch.

Your bedroom is your canvas where you are free to play with colors in any way. Match the flowers to the color scheme of your bedroom so they complement other accessories.

• Wood flowers in a dining room:

To choose wood flowers for dining room you need to be particular with the seasons. Wood flowers are a quick and easy way of refreshing the scheme of your dining room. Use an elaborate floral centerpiece especially for round tables or use a few smaller arrangements dotted along the length of the dining table.

For a neutral dining room introduce a new color using wooden flowers. Vibrant red or pink is perfect for a summer table; dusky and soft toned blooms would bring a spring table to life. While choosing the dark flowers is best for the winter months to give a nod to the winter and autumn seasons.