What kind of content do you like most on Instagram?

Instagram has a reputation for promoting a wide range of content. The breadth of ideas that take shape on Instagram is as diverse as humanity itself. However, not everyone manages to attract a huge amount. While everyone gets a certain amount of audience, the kind of popularity is that some get bigger and some get smaller. Also, the popularity factor is not always rational, and obviously, the most popular post on Instagram is a photo of an egg. Moreover, Instagram-like comments and things are not always content-driven. Popular people like Instagram more things, regardless of content. However, certain similarities can be seen among the most popular topics on Instagram.

Photo posts

Instagram is primarily a space for visual content. Visually attractive creative images drive many things that Instagram likes or buy real instagram likes. Since photos that are visually appealing must be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, you can do a few things to make them so.

According to research, light-colored images on Instagram are better than dark-colored ones. Among light colors too, bluish tones are much better than yellow or brown tones. This may be because blue colors have a cooling effect on the eyes. With so much backup content to scroll through, dark search colors can be heavy on the eyes. Bright but cool-toned colors stand out and are soft on the eyes too. Interestingly enough, it works another way on Pinterest. Warm, dark-colored images then get more traction.

Wide background shots seem to be better than close-up pictures. This is attributed to the tendency of people to intrude on photo details. The more background there is, the more detail there is, to peer at. It’s also hard to get enough close-up shots properly. They can become repetitive and boring very quickly. With an extensive background, there are more options for creativity.

Candidate, BTS shots

Some of the most popular Instagram photos are behind-the-scenes photos of businesses and events. While Instagram likes the photos on stage based on the skill and effort that goes into it, behind-the-scenes photos are surprising with their naturalness. The less effort that goes into it, the better.

Candidates ’photos reveal the personality behind everyone. This is especially effective for celebrities who have a unique image. People usually like to have a connection with the real person of others.

Relevance matter

Timely relevance

Content that speaks to contemporary specific issues is very popular on all social media and advertising platforms. Most brands put out ads that promote timely messages and take a bold stand on a number of social issues. The same goes for personal Instagram pages. Attention is always drawn to timely material that is informative and clear.

Thematic relevance

Depending on the type of content you plan to put out, always try to stay branded. A clear perspective that is unique to you on social media is always an advantage.

Inspirational Quotes and Tutorials

Other popular Instagram posts mainly consist of advice, inspirational texts, and tutorials. Instagram is often a place where people showcase their lifestyles and experiences. So it’s no surprise that it’s also there where people look for inspiration. People also look for easy-to-do life hacks and DIY tips, bringing a lot of things Instagram likes into these types of posts.


As with any social media platform, the number of followers and things you like to determine your reach and relevance. While it’s important to have innovative content for your Instagram feed, it’s just as important to be aware of the people who are interested in it. I hope this article will help you improve your Instagram game.