Alcohol Screening Test
Sardar M Imran

Most of the people today suffering from various health issues die from alcohol consumption. Knowing that alcohol creates a danger to the health, it will be great to come with the right kind of things that are certainly making a great contribution to give up this addiction. The FAST alcohol screening test is the initial screening for the patients. It is important to know the deepness of the habit and therefore, medical offices and emergency rooms occur this test to know about the patient.

Patients, who take the FAST test, only have to answer the first question. Depending on your response to the first question of the test, you may not need to answer the other questions. It makes the FAST test the shortest drinking screening tool.

FAST Alcohol Screening Test Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions of the FAST alcohol screening test.

  1. How many times have you taken eight or more drinks on one occasion?
  2. How often last year you forgot what had happened the night before because you were drinking?
  3. How many times last year you failed to do what was generally the expectation because you are consuming alcohol?
  4. Has any relative or friends asked you to give up drinking?

Guide to Score the FAST Alcohol Screen Test

For the first 3 questions, you have to follow this guide.

  • Never= 0 Points
  • Less than once in a month= 1 Point
  • Each month= 2 Points
  • Weekly consumption = 3 Points
  • Daily consumption= 4 Points

Guide to scoring question number 4.

  • Completely No= 0 Points
  • Yes but not the last year = 2 Points
  • Yes in the last year = 4 Points

Analyzing the FAST Alcohol Screening Test Result

It is not only important to appear for the FAST alcohol screening test but also you have to analyze the result completely before reaching the conclusion. Needless to mention, getting a lower score on this test is far better than securing a higher score.

  • The maximum score someone can secure in the FAST test is 16.
  • If someone answers “Never” in the first question, it will demonstrate that he is not a hazardous drinker. In this way, answering the remaining question will not be mandatory.
  • If someone answers “weekly” or “daily” on the first question, it will mark that person as a hazardous drinker.  Whenever they don’t want to answer the rest of the questions, there will be no impact on the test.
  • If the patient answers “monthly” or “less than monthly” to the first question, it is mandatory for them to answer the rest questions. Answering these questions will complete their FAST alcohol screening test.
  • If someone secures 3 for the first question or a combined total score is 8 or more. It will be an indication of hazardous drinking.

The FAST alcohol screening test is faster than the Audit test. This is also effective in screening the level of alcohol that the patient has been consuming. So, it is important to appear for this screening in order to rate your alcoholism addiction.