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Turnaround stocks in simple terms is a positive reversal in the performance of a company’s stock. These companies are normally going through a phase of low financial performance which translates into low stock prices. Finding companies which have identified their weaknesses and are workings towards regaining financial stability. If these companies successfully increase their performance, this will ultimately increase their share prices. This is the art involved in identifying turnaround stocks as you will need to find companies which are currently underperforming but have the capacity of improving.

In order to invest in turnaround stocks the most important virtue you must possess is patience. This is due to the fact that turnaround investments revolve around long term returns by betting on stocks which have the highest probability of appreciating in the future. Even though these are long term investments, they can produce profits at unbelievable margins. Buying stocks at a low price and selling them when they appreciate will require a high degree of patience and meticulous attention to detail.

Common Characteristics of Turnaround Stocks  

In order to identify turnaround stocks, you will need to understand the common characteristics present in most of these stocks. It is important to understand that there are many different factors which can influence the potential of a company’s stocks appreciating, so start by looking for these characteristics.


  • Management restructuring 


If a company is currently underperforming due to a change in management, then there is high chance that their stocks will appreciate after the transition is complete. The fall in stock prices could be due to mistakes that the previous management made and the new team can easily learn from these mistakes. Remember, the potential of a company revitalizing their stock value depends heavily on their capacity of posting profits. So make sure you streamline your search accordingly.


  • Changes in external influences 


If you really want to mitigate your investment risk, consider investing in sectors which have the ability to improve simply due to changes in external stimuli. For instance, if the dollar starts to fail against a particular currency then many companies would post losses. However, once the dollar starts to appreciate, companies exchanging in dollars will experience a sudden boost. Check your potential company’s financial statements to find out if any changes in external influences can improve the overall financial standing of the business in question.


  • Cash flow management 


An effective cash flow management change can also turn around the value of a company’s stock. If a new management is taking over and if the aim to manage cash flows, then there is a very high chance that the company stock value appreciates. In order to improve cash flow, the business will have to push sales and cut costs. The cash influx can be then used to reinvest in the business and this will ultimately improve the chances of the business improving their overall performance. Also the increased cash influx can be used to cut costs and help drive sales to a higher margin.

Stock Valuations 

Turnaround stocks generally have a low price evaluation or price to book ratios, this is basically a measure of how many dollars an investor is willing to give in exchange for every dollar earned. However, there are many different reasons why a company may have poor stock valuation as there are so many different factors which come into play. Price earnings can even be high if the earnings are low and at the same time PE can be negative if a company’s liabilities exceed its overall assets.

Tips To Help You Find High Return Turnaround Stocks 

As mentioned before investing in turnaround stocks requires a high degree of patience, understanding of market conditions and predicting future performance statistics. This can be very challenging and most businesses tend to fail in finding high return turnaround stocks. This is exactly why so many businesses invest in turnaround stock services as these agencies help them identify potential turnaround stocks and devise different strategies to help them achieve their respective commercial goals. However, we have articulated a list of tips to help you find high return turnaround stocks effectively.

Verify your sources 

Every business with low stock valuations will claim that they have effectively articulated strategies which will eventually improve the overall performance ratio of the business. However, simply taking their word for the proposed change is not enough. You will need to verify each piece of information and ascertain whether the turnaround is actually possible or not. All of the proposed changes will probably play out after several quarters so make sure you thoroughly evaluate all of the new strategies and how they will be implemented. Remember, even the most solid plan can fall apart without proper management.

Consider market trends 

Some of the stocks on the market are low for a reason and will never change. This is exactly why you should consider the trends in the market, if a certain company is considered to be dead weight then this is a sure shot sign that there is a risk attached to this investment. If a stock is no longer popular amongst the Wall Street crowd, then look elsewhere.

Continuously monitor events  

Once you have invested in the right stocks, it is imperative that you stay on top of your investment even if the stock prices are increasing. This increase could be temporary and the stock valuation can suddenly drop due to any unforeseen circumstances. Since turnaround stocks run for an extended period of time, you can closely monitor the company’s progress and sell the stocks at the right time.

At the end of the day picking turnaround stocks requires immaculate experience and sound knowledge of stock patterns. Your team will need to gain in-depth knowledge of each company and will have to gauge whether these stocks actually have the capacity of appreciating. We would recommend contacting turnaround investment services to streamline the process and to mitigate your risks.