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Covid brought about confusion among travelers who were trying to go on vacations this year. With the changing traveling SOP’s or imposed bans on traveling and flights, people seem to skip the UK or US vacations, and just like that, summer is almost over. Many tourists and travelers wonder if they can head towards Asia later this year. If you’re one of them and don’t know where to go first, this article will help you get an insight into what’s the situation with covid in the places that are worth a visit this year. This article will focus on the destinations and their attractions rather than the rules or restrictions because those solely depend on the Covid situation and are subject to change at any time.

Is Traveling to Asia Possible This Year?

Although cases are still on the rise in some areas of the US and UK, being vaccinated can still allow you to travel to various countries without self-isolation on return. But still, not every country in Asia is open to US or British tourists yet. Some are still part of the red list, some are very cautious and some are just worried about the issues they are facing regarding Covid. But following all sops and getting vaccinated can let you travel hassle-free. Let’s take a look below to see the potential places that you can visit this year.


Its economy is heavily based on tourism. In fact, it has the second most reliant economy on tourism. And It has been open for tourists since last July which is not even unexpected.  And very soon almost all the inhabitants will be vaccinated which won’t be a threatening situation anymore.

The Maldives is home to more than a thousand total islands and lies on the Southern side of Srilanka on the Indian ocean. They offer the perfect getaway for peace seekers from the last life of the city. It provides a chance to recollect yourself and get rid of the anxiety that you’ve bottled up for a long time. Tourism in the Maldives is the most popular because of beautiful sandy beaches, blossoming reef fishes, gem-like lagoons, and luxurious water resorts. It graces the face of the earth with foamy fresh water crashing against the shores.

This island is plugged with some of the most attractive destinations which vacation seekers just can’t resist. Banana reef, HP reef are the best places if you wanna embrace the diving spirit in you. Mulee’age Palace and the Museum serve to exhibit the glorious past of this island and the Grand Friday Mosque provides a spiritual place to the tourists. This and a lot more attractions lure in tourists who are looking for a getaway whether it is a family vacation or a honeymoon trip. It experiences a hot tropical climate which is characterized by sunny days in the summer and heavy rains in the monsoon. Travelers can plan their trips around the dey season which is the most suitable for all kinds of tourist activities.


Bhutan had controlled the covid situation very well. Having tight border controls and getting all of its population vaccinated in 16 days endured that the graph of covid cases stayed low. It is possible to get a flight to Bhutan via Qatar or UAE and from India or Nepal. If you use your Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard, you can earn flight miles to Asia on every purchase. Most probably Bhutan will be open for tourism this year.

Bhutan is extraordinary and is loved by tourists across the globe. You can take its rich colorful culture or great mountains, it has always captivated its visitors. Paro will be the highlight of your trip, it will welcome you with snowy mountain peaks drawing you to come and explore them. These mountains are also blessed with monasteries that promise you a peaceful time here. It has festivals every year too that give you a peek into their rich and colorful culture. The local handicrafts also display the creative hardworking spirit that the people of Bhutan possess.


Thailand has been struggling with the covid situation and is very cautious about allowing tourists to visit again. They also began vaccinations a few weeks back. It has reopened travels to Phuket from the 1st of July to all vaccinated travelers. Although domestic tourism was still active, its economy still struggled from a lack of international visitors. Hopefully, they will eagerly welcome tourists this year.

While the beach is the main reason Thailand attracts tourists, there are plenty of other beautiful locations across Thailand. Krabi, Ao Nang, Diamond Cave and Bangkok city have so many interesting things to experience.


Bali is an island in Indonesia. It is popular for its peaceful meditation and yoga retreats. It has magical assimilation of tradition, culture, weather, food,  nature, people, and many interesting activities. No matter what your budget for age is, there’s always something you can experience and enjoy there. With a variety of beaches and heartwarming resorts, Bali is one of the top-rated tourist destinations and is worth the wait.

Unfortunately, Bali has been experiencing a significant increase in covid cases recently and had gone into a lockdown situation. While Bali recovers we can still wait for the winter till which travel might hopefully open.

So plan and save up some for your next big trip. Being vaccinated is the first and foremost priority this year before you travel. This time around your Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard is also doing you a big favor to make your dream vacation come to life. So keep on shopping and save thousands of Asia miles for you and your family. You can avail this opportunity with Cathay Pacific Airlines and have the experience of your lifetime.

Vaccine certification or proof is a real deal and is also mandatory prior to travel.  Since traveling and tourism are vital for the people as well as crucial to a country’s economy, we can’t let covid restrictions stop this process. And if a vaccination certificate is all it takes then let’s get it and continue with the show.