Sardar M Imran

Tips to Prepare Effectively for CBSE Class 9 Exam

For students, preparing for Class 9 is not an easy task. It is an important stage for developing the foundation for Class 10. Class 9 consists of a vast syllabus which needs to be completed in a short period of time. The chapters of Class 9 explains the concepts and basics of topics and subtopics of higher standards. Students need to have basic knowledge and understanding of the Class 9 syllabus to understand the concepts covered in Class 10, 11 and 12. To crack exams such as NTSE and Olympiads the syllabus of Class 9 is crucial.

Class 9 is not considered as a board exam, but students should not ignore the studies of Class 9. Students of Class 9 should divide equal importance to subjects like Maths, Science, English, Social Science, etc. When they begin their exam preparation, students can take help of study materials such as sample papers, previous year papers, important questions, notes, etc. CBSE students can also go through summaries such as The Road Not Taken Summary of Class 9 English.

Here are a few tips to crack the Class 9 exam with flying colours.

Few Tips to Prepare for Class 9 Exam

  • It is essential for students to strategize a proper study plan. It ensures that students study all the subjects throughout the week. Give more importance to weaker subjects so that they are well-prepared for their exam.
  • The syllabus of Class 9 prescribed by the CBSE Board is crucial for exam preparation. The exam question paper is prepared according to the syllabus. It covers the complete course structure, weightage of marks for each chapter and the duration of each chapter.
  • While studying each chapter, students should make it a habit of taking down notes of important notes. These notes will help them to quickly revise the syllabus before the exam. The Note comes in handy and students can carry it wherever necessary.
  • For exam preparation, students need to follow NCERT textbooks of NCERT. CBSE Board prescribes textbooks of NCERT for all the classes. NCERT textbook of Class 9 for all the subjects explains every topic and subtopic in a simple and understandable language.
  • Solve previous year question papers to understand the question paper pattern, types of questions they can expect, important topics and marking scheme for each section. Students can self-access their preparation level by solving these papers of last year.
  • CBSE Board releases sample papers of all the subjects for all the classes. These sample papers are prepared as per the syllabus and according to the exam pattern of Class 9.
  • Students should revise the entire syllabus thoroughly to ace in their Class 9 exam. They should revise all the subjects every week to make sure that they don’t miss out on any crucial topic. The revision will help them to be confident while writing the exam paper.

The tips mentioned above will help CBSE Class 9 students, to ace in their exam. Students if they find difficulty in understanding any chapter or topic can refer to notes or summaries to clear their doubts. Summaries of English subjects such as The Lake Isle of Innisfree Summary can be helpful for students to understand it thoroughly.