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The cost of higher education is a critical issue in the United States. But, as prices soar across the country, a university in the state of Kentucky has found a way to remain free. There is only one condition: students must work for it.

Scholarships or student loans. Those were the options that Sophie Nwaorkoro, 18, had to cover the costs of her university studies.

A family crisis in his last year of high school derailed the first option. He found himself homeless and without the financial assistance necessary to complete the gaps of any scholarship offered.

The second option – to request a loan – would have placed Sophie among the millions of young people who begin the life of adults tied to the payments of their student loans .

Most analyzes estimate that total student debt in the US It’s $ 1.5 billion , more than Americans owe on their credit cards. And almost half of the borrowers have fallen into cessation of payments.