Personal Assistant - How has the role evolved during covid

The COVID-19 pandemic created an impact on the jobs of many people around the world. This includes Personal Assistants as well. If you are working as a personal assistant or if you are interested in becoming a personal assistant, you would be keen to figure out how your role has evolved throughout the pandemic. Let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that highlight how the role has evolved. Based on that, you will be able to learn how to adapt yourself accordingly to the changes in the industry.

Personal Assistants were forced to gain numerous skills

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Personal Assistants were forced to work from their homes. As a result, they had to adapt to remote working. This was never an easy thing for them to do because they had to go ahead with learning numerous new skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent new skills that the Personal Assistants had to learn when working remotely.

Excellent communication skills

When working remotely, there is a high possibility for miscommunications to happen. The Personal Assistants wanted to make sure that there is no possibility for such miscommunications to happen. In other words, they had to learn how to communicate perfectly well with remote communication methods. As of now, the Personal Assistants are in a position to communicate perfectly well because of that.

Embracing new technologies

CandCsearch says Remote working means that the Personal Assistants had to work along with new technologies. If a personal assistant doesn’t have a clear understanding about new technologies, it would not be possible to ensure survival. This is one of the biggest challenges that the Personal Assistants have to face as of now. The pandemic contributed a lot towards enhancing the communication skills of the people who work as Personal Assistants through remote technologies. On top of that, they could learn how to get the maximum out of available technologies on their own, without relying on anyone else.

Creative ways of working

Along with remote working, the Personal Assistants got more freedom. This is where they could discover new ways of working and getting things done. This concept received lots of positive feedback from the Personal Assistants as well. That’s because they could break the traditional ways of working, which helped them to remain within their comfort zones and get work done. This would contribute a lot towards getting more work done in an efficient manner as well.

Strategic problem solving

Remote working didn’t just bring convenience, but it also introduced numerous challenges. Hence, the people who work as Personal Assistants remotely during the pandemic were forced to get strategic problem-solving skills as well. This was another challenge that they had to face as of now. Without strategic problem solving, the Personal Assistants were able to understand how to get more work done efficiently as well. On top of that, the Personal Assistants were able to become more independent and solve problems on their own, without seeking the assistance of others.


When the Personal Assistants started working from homes, there weren’t anyone to motivate them. Due to the same reason, they were forced to find motivation on their own. This eventually helped the Personal Assistants to ensure self-motivation. On the other hand, it was possible for them to get a strong sense of initiative as well.

As you can see, the COVID 19 pandemic has transformed the role of a Personal Assistant. In other words, a Personal Assistant in today’s world is not following the traditional path to get work done. Instead, they know how to work remotely while getting the most out of available technologies to offer their services. We can see this as a positive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic created on the lives of Personal Assistants out there.

The impact created by technological advancements

When evaluating how the role of a Personal Assistant changed along with time, it is important to pay extra attention towards the technological advancements as well. in fact, technology started creating an impact on the role played by Personal Assistants not just with the pandemic, but many years ago. When you take a look at the recent years, you will notice how it has been changing their lives throughout the past 20 years or so.

Businesses are moving so fast. Hence, it is important for the businesses to get the support of Personal Assistants who are in a position to work efficiently we well. This is where the strategic skills of the Personal Assistants would play a massive role. We will be able to see how the technological advancements are creating a positive impact on the lives of Personal Assistants, which is helping them to be more strategic .

In today’s world, a Personal Assistant will not just work as an executive, who will offer admin support. They will also be in a position to support the clients with technical capabilities. For example, they are in a position to create an impact on the company culture and the team. On the other hand, they will also be able to deliver strategic inputs, which could contribute a lot towards the success of the team. Even the project management skills and expertise of Personal Assistants will be able to contribute positively towards the success of the organizations that hire them.

The future of Personal Assistant

In the future, we will be able to see how the Personal Assistants would start taking maximum out of available technologies to take their skills to the next level. On top of that, we will be able to see them working efficiently to help the clients with finding solutions to their needs as well. They will be able to work remotely or from office in order to get things done efficiently and cater to the needs of the clients accordingly.