Make your life happy with these top 7 Medications Podcasts
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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. In a 21st Century where life expectancy is decreasing day by day, meditation becomes very important for a happy, peaceful soul and a healthy body. Well meditation is not that simple and we need to learn the correct way of doing it. Learn the importance and the way of doing meditation by listening to the podcast relating to meditation. Podcasts are really fun, just plug in earphones and you can listen to anything you want, so why waste time on meditation classes, when you can get all you want in just one click. So the perks of using KuKu FM are easy download, easy sharing, saving data, saving time, advertisement- free experience and easy browsing which makes it a customer friendly app.

Here is the list of Top 7 Meditation Podcasts that you must listen to:-

  • Seekhe Dard Se Jujhana

Pain inflicted upon us, my lord. Free us from this. These are the lines that we say to ourselves when we are in pain. But, one must also keep in mind that the emotion like pain is intrinsic. It is only us who can free ourselves with shackles of pain and heartbreak. We are here with a course of seven days which can help you to ease down the pain and channelize your energy. Failures, heartbreaks are the part and parcel of life, but to raise upon such incidents become difficult. Listen to the podcast Seekhe Dard Se Jujhana in Hindi and practice the tips and methods told. It will help you in feeling relaxed and more focused in 7 days. Each of the episodes is of maximum 10 minutes. You can listen to these episodes in Hindi online either on our website or app. You can also download the mp3 file format for free!

Stress Management is one of the biggest concerns of people in the present time. This hectic lifestyle of people brings many other things with money and one of these things is Stress. People have become lonely. People find it very difficult to trust someone so that they can share their feelings with them which can reduce the burden on their hearts. There can be many other things that can give you stress and ways to manage that stress are very less. This problem of stress management is becoming worse day by day. The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput is the most recent example of how badly stress can affect you. Thus, stress management is a skill that everyone should develop in themselves. No matter how happy a person may look, stress is something that he can never avoid. We have a podcast titled ‘7 din me stress ko kare manage’ on our platform that will definitely help you in developing this skill.

  • Gehri nind paane ka raaz

Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It’s not about focussing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead on becoming thoughtless. Some of the benefits of Meditation are – A calm mind, Good concentration, Better clarity, Improved communication, Relaxation, and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state that promotes healing. With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change, and every cell in the body is filled with more energy. A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. Sometimes deep sleep can be attained by proper meditation and even listening to meditation music. Meditation music is the best way to get rid of disturbance and sleep better. One benefit of Meditation is deep sleep. Listen to this audiobook that tells the secret of deep sleep.

  • Dhyan ke lie ekagrata jaruri hai

In the “Dhyan ke lie ekagrata jaruri hai” podcast, you will get to know about the importance of meditation and concentration. Man keeps running after many things, but real happiness, real peace is just and only in meditation. If you do meditation, it will give you positive energy and you will have a good day. But meditation is not that easy, so concentration is very important for this. This podcast will show you a different form of life. Concentration is necessary for meditation – concentration and awareness are branches of meditation. Concentration during meditation makes it perfect. Listen to these episodes and learn the practice of successful meditation with concentration.

  • Kaise Kare Sawalon Ka Samna

Are you afraid of facing questions? Do you know how to solve questions easily? If not, you will be happy to know that in this podcast you can get answers to all your questions. The podcast titled “kaise kare sawalon ka samna” is presented by Apoorva Lahoti. We are often afraid of questions. Afraid of things we don’t know or don’t understand. The fear of these unknown things prevents us from living openly. Listen to these episodes and practice facing the questions. You can listen to the “How to face questions” podcast online on our platform and can also download it for future re-listening. So, listen to “How to face questions” in Hindi today.

  • Sangeet ke zariye ekagrata badhaye

Music is powerful. Research shows that music can alter a person’s mood and behavior, as well as their physical body. That’s why, in our fast-paced modern world, the calming effects of music are so significant. Meditation is very powerful. It provides clarity and inner peace. Meditation is a method of bringing clarity in your thoughts. It allows you to cultivate new, positive ways of being. With regular work and patience, it can have a transformative effect and lead to a new understanding of life. Music provides a whole new meaning to it. Meditation music helps so much in concentration and building good mental health. Meditation music can be integrated into your life, even if you don’t practice meditation. Listen to this audiobook that helps you increase concentration with the help of Meditation music.

  • Gusse par kaabu paayein

If you are troubled by the way your anger controls you rather than the other way around, there’s help at hand. Among its multiple benefits, one of the major benefits of meditation is that it helps to reduce anger. Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well. And hence, meditation is the best method to control anger. It can be considered as a benefit of meditation. Meditation music and transcendental meditation help in dealing with anger issues. Listen to this podcast that helps you to deal with anger issues. This podcast contains how to make use of meditation in Hindi to control your anger.