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The three piece attire with heavy embroidery work and beautiful patterns is such a gorgeous one. This outfit is worn at special events and occasions. Weddings are the occasion where lehengas are most commonly seen. 

The brides compulsorily wear the attire on this special day. The main color for brides is red but nowadays they also opt for different colors like green, pink, peach, orange, and especially grey and golden. 

Wear Lehenga in Different Styles and Patterns and get a beautiful traditional look. The attire is not only best for brides but it can also be worn by bridesmaid and other girls at the wedding. The attire is also worn by girls at some special events and occasions. 

The outfit comes in multiple color choices and fabric. The main feature of any attire is its fabric. The fabric should be soft and comfortable so that it is suitable to wear the fabric at any occasion

The attire has infinite patterns and can be draped in many unique and different styles. The draping style may vary as per one’s choice and body type. Some choose their favourite color and design and some choose the attire due to their body type and comfort. Here are some of the patterns and styles in which the attire can be worn and draped.    

15 Different Styles And Outfit Ideas

1. Backless Lehenga


A flared skirt and a backless choli is a perfect match. Embroidered and beautifully embellished skirts with broad lace and big motifs and a clean waist line gives the wearer a stunning look. The designs may include laces, teasels and threads at the back. 


2. Silk Lehenga


They are one of the prior choices for each and every lady. They have a special place in every woman’s wardrobe. The brides of the South love to wear silk sarees and lehengas at her wedding and special functions. They are made with beautiful zari work of golden and silver threads. 


3. Floral Lehenga


Lehengas or any attire with floral prints look very positive, colorful and attractive. The pattern is just so beautiful that it is difficult to take your eyes from it. A floral skirt and a plain blouse with alluring sleeve designs are such a ravishing outfit.   


4. Black and Golden Lehenga


The combination of black and golden is one of the best combinations for brides. In grand parties and events this outfit is a great match. The embellishments done in this attire are very alluring and eye catchy and if the outfit is made of silk then it is super glossy.  


5. Embroidered Lehenga

A heavily embroidered lehenga with laces, motifs, pearls, stones and diamonds are a super exclusive pattern. The attire looks very attractive and beautiful. When paired with a heavy and designer blouse the beauty of that outfit increases a lot. 


6. Anarkali Lehenga


Anarkali lehenga is a stunning and stylish lehenga. The attire consists of a flared skirt and a long tunic that is patterned in an anarkali style. the tunic may have slits so that the design of the attire is signified well. The outfit is usually detailed with intricate designs and patterns.


7. Lehenga with Crop Top


A crop top and a skirt is the best combination. It can provide a traditional look as well as a modern look. A golden crop top with beautiful embellishments and embroidery work will suit each and every girl. Pair it with a golden skirt or a black skirt and be the diva


8. Princess Cut Lehenga Choli


In a princess cut lehenga choli the blouse has intricate designs and patterns. The pattern has buttons and tie ups in front or at the back giving the attire a proper fitting and a blasting look. This elegant and simple pattern is very stylish and stunning. 


9. Off-shoulder Lehenga Choli

The off-shoulder pattern is very trending and popular nowadays. The pattern is seen in kurtis, salwar suits, lehengas, etc. An embroidered blouse studded with stones, diamonds, pearls and laces is a great match with skirts, lehengas and sarees. 



10. Ruffle Lehenga


A skirt with several layers is known as a ruffle skirt. The layers can be increased or decreased as per one’s choice. A crop top paired with this skirt looks the best. Customize the blouse with attractive neck lines and beautiful sleeves. 


11. Lehenga Choli with Cold Shoulder


A beautiful lehenga with a fitted choli having cold shoulders is a perfect pick for parties and events. The sleeves have keyholes or slits on the shoulder due to which the pattern is called a cold shoulder pattern. The outfit looks very classy and royal and is suitable for every type of event. 


12. Full Sleeves Net Lehenga Choli


Net is a transparent and soft fabric that is usually used in modern dresses and outfits. Nowadays the fabric is also used in traditional and formal dresses. Lehenga choli in net fabric with beautiful embellishments and arts making the outfit look more pretty. A full sleeve of net fabric adds charm to the attire.



13. Lehengas in Butterfly Sleeves

Sleeves and neckline are one of the most attractive parts in every Indian attire and especially women’s attire. Today you may find a number of choices regarding the pattern of sleeves and necks. Loose patterned butterfly sleeves are the most trending nowadays giving the wearer a stylish look. 


14. Printed Skirt and a Plain Choli

Some women prefer to wear printed clothes as compared to the heavily embroidered ones as they are more colorful and comfortable as compared to the embroidered ones. There are different prints like digital prints, floral prints, geometrical prints and many more. 


15. Lehenga in Trail Pattern

A trail lehenga has a long piece of cloth attached at the end of lehenga that gives the skirt an elongated pattern from the back. The pattern is worn by models and celebrities at fashion weeks and events and nowadays modern brides also choose to wear this pattern paired with a crop top. If you like this lehenga and want to try out lehenga then you can buy lehenga online usa to save your time and money.