How to Stalk on Instagram without Being Caught
Nicole Ann Pore

The crucial question: how to see someone’s activity on Instagram?

With the pandemic and repeated confinements, of course, the consumption of social networks and videos has exploded! In addition, for good reason! Keeping in touch with the people who are (more or less) close to us is essential, vital! We are above all social beings!

I am human, and when it comes to how to see what someone likes on Instagram, some would say I am the best. Need a hand learning more about your Tinder date? Want to know what is going on in your ex’s life? Look no further, I am the person for you. However, such powers do not come without a certain amount of responsibility, and above all a good amount of precaution. Below are my tips for investigating Instagram undetected, like Hailey Baldwin when she accidentally started following an account dedicated to Selena Gomez, before quickly unfollowing and sending the account owner a message to apologize?

Make sure you do not like anything by accident

Do I do this at least once a day (uh, how come? It is crazy!) Here is how I do it: go to your profile, then click on the three lines at the top right. Next, click Settings, then Account. Click Posts you like at the bottom of the menu. You will then see a grid of all the photos you have liked. Sift through them to make sure you do not leave any incriminating evidence that you stalked a post from your Tinder date from 2014. If you liked any of the said photos, un-like and do- it quickly.

Turn off your activity status

Hiding your tracks means leaving nothing behind — so it is necessary to deactivate your Online Status — which indicates when you were last active on the app. Still in Settings, go to Privacy, then Online Status. Make sure to disable the feature. This way, your subscribers will not see the last time you were active (always a good idea, if you do not want people to know how many hours a day you are wasting on this app). However, if you want to know when a user was last active (assuming that person is not hiding their online status), you will need to re-enable the feature.

Be very vigilant

Snoopreport is a great way to play detective while remaining incognito. If you decide to create an account, do so discreetly. First things first: when you sign up, do not link it to your Facebook account. In which case you risk notifying all your Facebook friends of the creation of the new Instagram account soccergurl4768. The same goes for your phone contacts — if your contacts have the option associate with phone contact list enabled, they will be notified when you create an account associated with your phone number (if you are one of their contacts) . If you wish to remain incognito, the safest method is to use a private email address, which we cannot trace back to you.

Clear your search history

In order to erase all traces of your past as a stalker, you can opt to erase your search history in the privacy and security settings. On the other hand, this will not make it possible to erase the search suggestions – for these, it will be necessary to proceed manually by clicking the X on each of them. A useful precaution if we want to avoid that a person’s name appears at the very top of the suggested searches, just when they are next to us.