How to manage emails with a simple extension?
Sardar M Imran

Gmail is one of the most popular email software. It is user friendly and convenient as it offers an array of extensions to make the menial tasks easier. It makes email management a friendly experience. However, the numbers of extensions are introduced with every passing day, and this increases the risk of unfamiliar sources. This is because extensions are made by third party sources and thus, they are not liable for any responsibility. Hence, it is important to review the extension and then add it.  

With that being said, the below extensions are tried and tested as they have proved their worth for many years. They have helped a lot of people to cater easy email management strategies and so, they are worth a try.

11 Gmail extensions that offer better email management

  • Gmelius

It is one tool that can do it all as it is equipped with more than just email management. Gmelius offers email tracking, email templates and other email automations. This makes it the best email management tool.

 Apart from that, it also acts as a collaborative tool for projects of all scales. It allows a group of people to come together and work together smoothly with their assigned responsibilities. Although, this function comes with a paid subscription of $9/month.  

  • Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail is a wonderful tool that allows video communication over emails. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to frame and type your responses. At the same time, you do not have to wait for a reply from the recipient as everything can be discussed on the video call itself.

 All you need is an account on Zoom and you can start using this free email management software.

  • Boomerang

Boomerang is used for extending one’s email outreach. It makes the process of sending out emails more efficient. The email management software is driven by AI templates and that determines the quality of the content. The user can select a particular template based on the situation.

 Boomerang has a free trial which allows 10 emails per month for free. After the free trial, you are supposed to pay a subscription of $4.99/month.


  • Mailman for Gmail

Not really an extension but this email management software is solely dedicated for managing your emails. It has 4 important features to take your inbox to zero. Do not disturb mode helps you schedule emails for batch delivery, VIP lists allow you to receive emails from contacts you want to hear immediately from, Block unimportant emails allow you to receive a digest of all the emails you have not subscribed for such as newsletters, and Batch delivery delivers mails to your inbox in the given time slots. This email management software also offers 21 days free trial, and charges only $8/month for unlimited emails.

  •  Inbox when Ready

It is more of an email productivity tool as compared to an email management tool. It has the ability to lockdown your Gmail inbox for an assigned time. You can get access to your account only outside of the lockdown periods.

 They offer a free plan but that leaves an email signature while the pro plan costs $4/month.   

  • Slack for Gmail

Slack is efficient task management software. Gmail is as it is a go to option for the tasks through Gmail. When you combine Gmail with Slack, you will get the best of both the worlds. It will arrange your emails into slack messages that will offer better task management that will enable a smooth workflow. You can even attach documents to particular slack groups.

 You only require a Slack account for this tool to work.

  • FlowCrypt Gmail Extension

Encryption is not only enabled in highly sensitive documents but, in all sorts of necessary communication, including emails. Gmail offers an option of confidential email but, this tool has better security for encrypting all sent and received emails.

 It is a PGP encryption which is totally free.

  • Simple Gmail notes

This extension is wonderful as it delivers exactly what it markets. It can help you to take simple notes that can help you manage emails in Gmail. The notes can acts as a quick reminder of an email, summary or highlights of an email.

 You can use this extension for multiple Gmail accounts and it is totally free.

  • Digify for Gmail

It is an unusual email management tool. It helps you in tracking emails and un-sending attachments. You can also track the people who accessed your emails or attachments. You can even send self-destructible attachments which mean that they will be inaccessible after a certain period of time.   

 The extension is completely free and it does not require an account on Digify.

  •  Sortd Gmail Add-on

As the name suggests, your Gmail will be totally sorted after this extension. It can transform your email into tasks or to-do lists. This email management software also offers setting reminders and quick notes.

 Sortd offers a free plan, but it has some limitations of its own.

  • Grammarly for Chrome

Sending out emails all day can take up a lot of your time, but the worst part is correcting the grammatical errors in the emails. At the same time, avoiding that will not help as bad grammar in emails is equally embarrassing. Instead, Grammarly can help you fix those mistakes while providing better suggestions for your email content.

 It manages your Gmail emails for free but you require a Grammarly account.


Gmail is very easy to use email software but, these email management tools can make it easier to deal with them. Emails are coming across as distractions and so, these tools can help you save time and energy. Pick an extension of your choice and find yourself at ease while you manage your emails.