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When it comes to coffee, everyone needs the best. Well, Coffee isn’t something you can be ignorant about. If not a good coffee, how will the day start? You don’t want to crank up on your boss, or fire your subordinate, do you? Everything matters. Brewing duration, type of coffee maker, how are you making the coffee? But, getting the best coffee bean is the utmost importance. I mean without the coffee beans, how are you making the coffee? Pick the best coffee bean, you need to know if its the best roast to your taste. Properly store the beans, you don’t want them spoiled in a few days. Before you visit the store or book yourself the most expensive coffee available in the market, hold on. As familyliving guides, learn to look for the best coffee beans, what to do with them and how to store them. Be your coffee expert.

How to Choose Good Whole Bean Coffee?

You can pick your favorite coffee beans online or visit a store nearby. You can try all the retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy or target to get your coffee beans. You may even order in bulk from online portals of the main websites of the coffee brands. But, how will you choose which one to buy? There are certain factors that you must take into account before buying your favorite beans. Go through a 2-minute crash course below to find the criteria you must look before buying the coffee.

1) Type of Beans

Arabica and Robusta are two major types of whole beans coffee. Arabica beans are superior quality beans in terms of flavor. They are grown at higher elevations and comprises about 75-80% of world coffee productions. Robusta beans are more caffeinated beans. The caffeine content is far more than Arabica Beans. These beans are disease and pest resistant. Robusta bean plants have a high yielding capacity. The prices of the robusta coffee beans are way lesser than Arabica coffee. Robusta is a kind of instant coffee with lower quality and store blends. If you like more enriched coffee and exotic texture pick Arabica.

2) Acidity or Bitterness

The acidity of coffee is natural. In its pure form, coffee beans are acidic. Don’t be alarmed it’s not a bad thing for the coffee. The acidity provides flavor and texture. It has more to do with taste than the basic pH level of the coffee. You might have heard that more acidic coffee is prone to cause digestive issues. If taken in an appropriate amount, it won’t be a problem though an excess of anything is wrong.

a) Acidity

African blends of coffee are characterized by a higher acidity level. These coffee beans have a fruity or floral smell and taste too rich. If the coffee is from Brazil or Sumatra you would have much lower acidity content in the coffee beans with cocoa and nutty flavor.

b) Bitterness

Bitterness in the coffee comes from its brewing. Do not pick an over-brewed coffee. It will be too bitter and often soils the texture and flavor of the coffee. Do not extract too much out of the ground coffee. It will make the coffee harsh, bitter and bit foul-smelling. If the grind size is too fine and over-brewed such results are seen. Choose a low acid bean, or cover the acidity with the dark roast but again it might make your coffee bitter. It gets very important to find the right blend before you make the final purchase.

3) Single Origin and Blends

Single Origin Coffee beans are sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Since the producer is from a single origin, the beans are of higher quality. Whereas the blends of the coffee beans are a mix in a packet. These mix beans offer a balance in terms of flavor, body, ad acidity. Single Origin coffee beans are unblended.

Blends are designed to produce a balance of the coffee for flavor, body, and acidity of the coffee. It is best to get the better of all in one cup.

4) The Roast Date

The coffee beans don’t seem to expire that easily. But, the taste, flavor, and enrichment of the goodness of the coffee will expire once the expiry is reached. Freshly roasted coffee is better. If the coffee is roasted among the lines of 8-20 days. The best roasters include a roast date for their coffee, which lets you know how long it’s been since it was roasted.

5) USDA Organic

To testify the authenticity of the organic coffee, USDA provides the certification. USDA Organic means the coffee has been grown without any use of pesticides. Along with that, USDA approves that the coffee has been grown, processed and even packaged to ensure the standards or organic coffee. It approves that the coffee has been grown with the help of natural fertilizers and no synthetic fertilizers.

Trade these factors before you buy the coffee. Let us know what is your favorite pick? Choose among the best coffee maker ever to brew your coffee to perfection for your every morning sips. Visit at for more details on coffee makers, coffee blends and enter the world of the best coffee in the world.