Games and General Purposes

You need to consider the exact way to use the mouse. So as to choose a wired or wireless mouse. Maybe you want to use the mouse to play games. You need to focus on the performance of the mouse.

Latency is an important consideration of game performance. You need to reduce latency as much as possible. Delay is crucial in today’s fast-paced first-person shooting games. You don’t want to lose because of delay in the game. It is important to have as low a mouse delay as possible.

Sensitivity is also an important mouse specification. manufacturers defined it as dots per inch (DPI). The higher the DPI, the smaller the physical distance required for the mouse to move over the surface. It aims to record the movement on the screen. Sensitivity is especially important for game players. Some people like high sensitivity. It allows them to move quickly on the screen with smaller gestures. Some people like to move their hands with larger gestures without too much screen impact.

Therefore, some mice can dynamically adjust the DPI. From 1200 DPI or less to 6,400 DPI or even higher. This adjustability enables game players to optimize their mouse experience. It can serve for each game or even different in-game situations.

Some manufacturers have optimized the mouse for specific types of games. Using specific buttons and keyboards for specific types of games (such as Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games) is suitable. Many game mice come with software that provides game optimization functions. There have customizable game mice to make physical changes. Users can adjust button responses and change palm rest angles.

Sensitivity is also important for precise movement applications. Such as photo editors, 3D rendering software, and computer aided design (CAD) applications. If you are not a game player, the decision will be much simpler. You can focus on size, ergonomics, and various non-gaming features.

Wireless Connection Options

You will find two major versions of wireless technology. Bluetooth mouse is becoming more and more common. Buying Bluetooth mouse is a good choice for laptops with built-in Bluetooth radio. Someone may use a desktop without a Bluetooth module. He may need to buy a Bluetooth module.

Another technology commonly used by wireless mice is radio frequency (RF) adapters. This mouse is superior to the Bluetooth mouse in response speed. But it requires additional USB interface. You cannot use it without a USB interface.


Wireless mice have greater advantages than wired mice in daily life. They are more expensive. At present, the wireless mouse is becoming more and more popular. But a wired mouse is still irreplaceable. The specific choice still needs to fully consider the actual needs.