forest city

Throughout the last decade, the tech industry has been revolutionizing environmentalism and bringing smart solutions to the forefront in the battle for anti-pollution. Different concepts and ideas have circulated about powering a city solely on energy. Years of dedicated efforts by the company Country Garden finally led to the creation of Forest City, a mega project located in Johor Bahru. Forest City concept is a modern solution to the age-old question of whether we can live in a eco-city covered with vegetation.

Functioning as a regular residential and business location, Forest City is made up of man-made islands based in Iskandar, Malaysia. These islands are about 30 kilometers, leaving plenty of space for different economic industries to join the ranks of this environmental wonderland.

Surrounded by nature from the ground up and decadent forest-like structures, Forest City Johor Bahru combines eco-friendly systems and futuristic structures that introduce a refreshingly new way of living. With modern advances in Forest City society, Country Garden made a joint effort with Malaysian government to change the modern city’s concept with these innovative practices.


Completely sustainable for ideal living, Forest City development design allocates plants and green over the city’s buildings incorporating a vertical greenery design. With environmentally friendly building structures, Forest City development brings a unique vision for a happier ecosystem.

Coming up with Forest City concept was hugely due to the surrounding environment of its location. Malaysia is home to various mangroves, ferns, and various breeds of trees that grow in a warm climate. Due to its idyllic tropical climate, Forest City Johor Bahru defines paradise.


Environmental values are a huge part of the Forest City package, but what really prompts an individual identity and separates Forest City from other cities is the technology. The world has evolved as state-of-the-art machinery and systems can be effective when it comes to a city’s infrastructure. The question is, can a city operate on multiple tech-based systems? Forest City is the answer.

Forest City development will feature an integrated smart system that will be connected to various parts of the city. This will include:

  • Public Transportation
  • Safety & Security
  • Public Amenities
  • Traffic management
  • Community Platforms

These services are just a percentage of the interconnected system that will be available to the public. Accessible through the internet, Forest City development smart system functions as the cities life force and gives it a cutting-edge distinction beyond a paradise as a harvest for a booming tech industry.


Whether deciding to stay here as a guest or making this a home, Forest City Johor Bahru is versatile in its appeal. Business ventures have already started to propagate throughout Forest City’s development. This hints to a higher growth rate for economic development within the city. Located in a region where the economy is the most prevalent, Forest City Johor Bahru is a smart small community equipped with perfect infrastructure, covering transportation, health care, education, business street, and creating a large number of jobs. With a high population of people in the surrounding areas, Forest City development will be a hot spot for the old and new generations.


Forest City Johor Bahru builds on fresh concepts and ideas that modernizes simple building structures. Forest City concept will encompass a utopia that gives us a fresh perspective on an anti-pollution solution. A city where technology will unfold and bring us tangible solutions for everyday functions. Encompassing different values including being energy efficient and adaptable economic climate, Forest City Johor Bahru will guarantee an effortless transition. Enter a city that will remind us where we came from, a natural landscape with blooming opportunities.