Five Things You Should Not Do After an Auto Accident

You might be confused about your legal rights and responsibilities following an auto accident in New Jersey, and missteps can be costly. Here are five things to avoid doing after an auto accident.

1.     Leave the Scene of the Accident

If you leave the scene of an accident, you can face fines and possible jail time under New Jersey law. When you’re involved in an accident, you are responsible for stopping and checking on the other party, exchanging insurance information, and reporting the accident to the police.

2.     Fail to Call 911

You should always call 911 if you are involved in an accident. Police officers give drivers the information they need and help to get disabled cars off the road. A police report can also help your claims process later when you’re dealing with the insurance company.

3.     Forget to Exchange Information

After an accident, it’s natural to feel disoriented and forget simple procedures. You must exchange insurance information with the other driver since insurance companies handle auto accident claims and may need to contact you during the claims process.

4.     Ignoring Your Injuries

After an accident, it’s possible you’ll experience only minor discomfort. However, as time passes, these injuries can become more serious, resulting in health problems you didn’t have before the accident.

Medical complications from an auto accident can range from broken bones to brain injuries. Your doctor can prescribe pain medications to help you cope with the pain and help document your injuries for legal purposes.

5.     Fail to Gather Evidence

Failing to gather evidence for your case can reduce its strength, so make sure you take photographs of the vehicles involved and any injuries you sustain. If there were any witnesses present at the accident, ask for their contact information in case you need to file a personal injury claim and require testimony.

Contact an NJ Car Accident Lawyer

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