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Elizabeth Banks is still an actress. But now she stands out more for her work as director, producer and screenwriter. Bet on jobs in which women are not puppets, sexualized objects and mere companions of the male protagonist. Projects in which they show their leadership, independence and also the ability to make the public laugh, as in Giving the note or Charlie’s Angels , their latest premiere.

The actress has gone from playing naive and beautiful blondes ( Catch me if you can , Virgin at 40 , Definitely, maybe or What to expect when you’re waiting ) to take charge of her professional career. In 2015 he  revealed to the magazine S Moda that his passion was to study human behavior and therefore he worked as an actress. However, he began to get bored and could not find a good director who could express his talent: “There came a time when I began to feel invisible in this industry. And the idea of ​​directing stayed in my head. ”

The passage of time has also done much in this evolution. Banks is 45 years old and it is well known that Hollywood does not behave well with actresses when more and more candles are blowing . In 2002, at 28, he did not get the role as Spiderman’s girlfriend because he was “too old.” He was finally taken by Kirsten Dunst , who was then 18 years old (another actress whom the film industry has neglected over the years). The most striking aspect of this situation is not only that Banks exceeded an age range set by the casting directors, but that the protagonist of the saga, Tobey Maguire , was only 16 months younger than Banks. “We are basically the same age and they told me it was Too old to play his girlfriend . And I said: ‘Oh, okay, that’s what I’ve come for, ”the actress told the British edition of Glamor magazine . She had to settle for giving life to Betty Brant, the secretary of the Daily Bugle newspaper in which Peter Parker published photographs of the superhero: “It was nobody. And I had no expectation of being in that movie. The casting director called me and said: ‘As a consolation prize, do you want to be Betty Brant? ” Banks had been working alone since 1998 in film and television, with minor roles, so she was forced to accept the offer; An opportunity back then.

But little by little it was making a dent in the industry. And now she is known for being a very funny boss, but at the same time demanding. Although she thinks otherwise: “I don’t think it’s so hard… But I already say that making movies is difficult. There is never enough time or money and there is a long list of things to do, so there is no time for games. I’m used to hard work. ”

Her last work as a director (also a producer, screenwriter and actress, as she plays the female version of Bosley), Charlie’s Angels , has not had the success she expected. The lack of a more entertaining script, more worked action scenes, more charismatic actresses ( Kristen Stewart , Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska) or the simple fact that its US premiere has coincided with that of the sequel to FrozenThey have left quite low audience data. Banks blames him for the machismo that prevails in Hollywood, which is not prepared for an action film with doses of feminism: “37 Spiderman films have been made and nobody complains. I think women are allowed to have one or two franchises of action every 17 years. ” The actress has explained to the Wall Street Journal that the best female roles are in smaller films “in which they don’t pay so much”: “And it’s okay to want to make money.”