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Are you staying at miles far from your girlfriend? It is very upsetting to settle at a long distance from our beloved, pursuing our career. I know it is very hard to carry a relationship in this way. Both of you die to spend some time together. It becomes heartbreaking during occasions such as festivals or birthdays.

Mere having a quality time with you makes your sweetheart’s birthday special. But when you are dwelling in different cities, it is a very tough chore for you making your GF cheerful. Don’t be disappointed, here are 5 remarkable ideas to make your love happy.

Bunch of Zodiac Flowers with Birthday Card

You can’t reach your love on her special day. Nevertheless, you still can convey your emotions through an awesome bouquet via online flower delivery in ahmedabad. Don’t get generalized in just picking any of the random bouquets. Think something special. Research about her zodiac sign and based on that order her zodiac flowers. It is believed that people feel more allured to their zodiac flowers.

If you want to astonish her, then order midnight flower delivery. You will be able to send heartiest wishes to your sweetie at the earliest as the day starts.

Send a lovely happy birthday card with the bouquet inscribing how much you are missing her.

Have a Chat on Video Call

Ring her phone sharp at midnight wishing her “Happy Birthday” personally. You can observe the glitter on her eyes having such lovely back-to-back surprises.

Give Her a Surprise Visit

Arrange to take a leave for two days from your work to give your love of life the momentous surprise. This unexpected instance would be the most beautiful gift for her.

Make a Video

If you can’t manage to set foot on her b’day, then send a video confessing your deep love. There are lots of words you want to say, but you can’t express it in front of her. Say all those words mentioning why you love her so much in the video and send it to her. These are your inner emotions, which she actually wants to hear from you.

Gift a Piece of Jewelry

A nice diamond pendant or earrings always steal a woman’s heart. Bestow a light-weighted diamond studded ornament. The light jewelry is very easy to carry and trendy as it pairs well with any casual outfits. Furthermore, it fits your budget too. You can pick something combination of diamond and sign of pure love, ruby, studded ornament as it looks more fascinating.

You can personalize it engraving your girlfriend’s name on it. She will surely recognize your effort.

Husband and Wife Pillow Set

You definitely heard about personalized pillows, where you can print your photo or any message. Grab a husband and wife pillow set implying your propose to marry her. The gift itself would be a big surprise, as it will show that you are planning your life with her. Getting a marriage proposal on birthday in this unique way will be in her memory forever.

Send Her Chocolates

You will never go wrong on bestowing sumptuous chocolates to a girl. Order a basket of chocolates and gourmet coffee wrapped with nice decoration. You can please anyone rendering such an attractive hamper.

A Birthday Cake

Looking for a unique birthday cake design for your girlfriend’s birthday party? You can acquire a massive range of chocolates, red velvet, and other popular flavored appealing cakes at Bloomsvilla with the assurance of perfect delivery time. You can have a themed cake printing your couple photo on it. Arrange to deliver it before the cake cutting ceremony at her birthday party.

A Wind Chime

A wind chime is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Its dulcet sound pleases the mind. It is a feng shui item and generally deemed that its amusing hum drives out the negativity. Apart from all these believes, it is a romantic gift for presenting someone. Whenever your GF will listen to its pleasant song with the coming breeze, she will feel you near around.

When you are living far from your love, you need to be extra careful regarding your gifts on such occasions. Unless it may seem to her taken for granted. Try to choose some personalized gift items and dispatch them with a lovely flower assortment.