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Boyt H36SG Hard Sided Travel Case

This is a type of case which is the most strongest and durable among many cases. The reason is because this case is for AR-15, which is the most popular brand in the world. If you are thinking to purchase an AR-15 rifle or an AR-10 rifle, then this would be a good choice.

This case is produced by polypropylene plastic which is very thick and has a covering which helps to keep the gun dry and does not creates a moist atmosphere inside the case. The production of the latches is covered with powder steel.

The outer cover of the case has six holes for padlocks and to have a good grip and to hold it in place these have detents.

To have a perfect fit for your rifle this case consist of a thick foam which you have trim it and shut the latches properly. Sadly, the foam is too thick to cut because it is designed that way.


  • Dust and water repellent covering
  • Thick built
  • Has a six padlock


  • Very heavy
  • Foam is too thick

A good word

This Boyt H36SG case would give you a strong protection for your AR-15, because the built is tough and very difficult to break that will prevent it from stealing.

  • Case Club Pre-Made AR15 waterproof Rifle Case

This case Club pre-made AR-15 waterproof Rifle Case is designed by two type of foam, by that you can put in your AR-15 and a side arm without cutting the foam. If there is a requirement to cut the foam to fit the rifle, the foam is can be punctured for easy cutting. This cases already contain a cut out place for rifle, a pistol, for two magazines for rifle and a pistol magazine containing with a silica gel baked container and a container of accessory which is water proof.

The case also includes a knife to slit the foam. The outer part of the case has five latches and you can introduce padlocks. Between the handle of the case, there is one latch among those five latches which makes it uneasy to carry and work.

The cap folds up to 90 degree this shows that it is likely to drop down if unlatched on having no higher part than another.

It can keep an AR-15 which has a length up to 35.5 with a foldable stock.


  • Have a holder for a sidearm
  • Comes with accessories
  • Foam already trimmed for AR-15
  • Water proof


  • Needs a foldable stock
  • The cap can drop down 90 degrees when the cap is opened.

A good word

This is a great case for AR-15 because it is water proof and foam can be cut as you need but not good for ARs which contains fixed stocks.

  • Flambeau tactical 6500 Case

This case is deliberately created for an AR-15 carbine. This does not have already built closed cell foam but has open cell egg crate foam which is made to comfortably fit the rifle in it with having addition accessories called Velcro straps.

First you have to remove the foam to place the Velcro straps in the polypropylene shell, and need to cut the foam in slits. This case contains magazines separators which keep in a same way. You can take out the foam if you require more places.

The four latches have soft plastic which is not strong compare to other cases, yet it works fine. The case has holes for padlocks, and the separators include Zerust which protects the gun from moisture and oxidation.


  • Have Velcro straps to hold AR-15 at one place.
  • Contains Zerust to avoid corrosion


  • Very thick
  • Fine latch plastic

A Good word

Having a corrosion protection is a good factor and great for the single AR-15.