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If there is one thing we can all thank Donald Trump for is the pointing out of fake news.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump. It’s came to my attention why Donald Trump is the most hated president in history. That the US people have ever voted in. What you will find. If you can find a positive story that Donald Trump has ever done.  Without the media always inserting a bad spin on it. Is very rare especially from the big corporations.

But as you will find out as you follow my findings and basic research. Why you have this narrative about Donald Trump you do.

I once believed everything the mainstream media said. After all, we are paying licence fees that you can be prosecuted for not paying. Legal prosecutions.

But the mainstream media seems to be unaccountable for fabricating stories and scaring tactics.

Completely fabricating stories is a daily occurrence. Once they have applied there scare tactics to the masses. There unaccountable for punishment.

After further digging about on the Internet. I found an interesting story where a guy in the UK did not have to pay his TV licence. It was horrifying what I found. Below is the film. And then I did some further research. On the mainstream media outlets fabricating the truth. Each week I will present what I found as this takes some time.

You don’t have to look far to find all the proven fabrications. The BBC is not just the only guilty party. But every fake stream media outlet around the world. I later found out that every media company is owned by just six corporations. Giving you the illusion of choice. ‘Read More’

A The illusion of choice

The fake stream media all receive there 4 am drops/talking points. This is what it’s called. And they are just repeaters not journalists. I think the below video says it for itself. What you are witnessing daily from the fake stream media is just a set of talking heads.

In the title of this video you see the title ‘Operation Mockingbird’. This was also something else I found extremely interested in. So a little research later what I found was also horrifying.

There are so many connections across the world. Not just only in the media. I will be presenting this on a daily blog. I never in 1 million years. Thought I would be sat here doing something like this. However, I think it is important that the wider public should know about it.

I’m not a reporter and certainly no repeater. I’m not even barely good at writing so yes you may see some mistakes. However I’m not that bothered as long as the message gets out there. I am only doing my own research and finding articles and putting one and one together.

Disclaimer: Do not take my word for it. Make up your own mind. And do your own research. It’s really not that hard to find.

However I will be compiling bite-size sections. That everyone can digest but be warned it is very sickening.

If you watch the film below in its entirety. Tony Rooke actually won the court case.

Of all there was one really will read your story regarding the twin towns and building seven. We are told complete and utter lies and fabricated stories to shape a narrative. And to push the general public into following their schemes.

After Donald Trump was appointed president. President Trump kept calling out the fake media. I thought this must be nonsense surely he can’t be telling the truth.

So I took it upon myself to prove him wrong and to reassure myself. Unfortunately I could not. So after a little digging there is so many untoward things that are happening across the world and the mainstream media seem to be the architects of the majority of the troubles and propaganda.

little research and was surprised how many times they have been caught fabricating stories to push a narrative. Please have your say in the section below.