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Your child is the only and most important part of your life and you don’t want anything to happen to him/her. But there are some situations in the life of your child that have to occur. Although they are losses but it is for the good health of your child. Loosing baby teeth is one of those processes.

What is the Schedule of emerging of the Baby Teeth?

The emerging of baby teethed the most precious moment for parents but a painful process for the baby. It is agonizing because the teeth have to push their way through the gums to come out as explained by Emergency Pediatric Dentist. There are a total of 20 baby teeth ready to emerge. There sequence is explained below.

The Incisors

These are the four teeth that are right in the front. Their schedule of appearance is as followed. At the age of 6-10 months central lower incisors. Upper incisors come between the ages of 8 to 12 months. Two lateral incisors on each side of the upper teeth. Lower laterals are last to appear in this set.

The First Molars

The upper molars are the next ones to arrive in the sequence and then finally the lower ones emerge. These are larger so they are painful for the child. The most basic job for them is to chew and bit the food. This indicates that the child is ready to eat a little solid food.

Canines or Cuspid

When the child reaches the ages of 16 to 23 months canines teeth that are sharp and pointy arrive. These help in proper grinding of the food. First the canines in the upper set of teeth come out and then the lower ones. These also help to grip the food when the child bites.

Second Molars

As the child reaches the age of 3 years the last teeth is the set come out. These are the second molars. Initially the bottom molars erupt first and in the very last the upper ones. With this the full baby teeth set is complete.

Ask Emergency Pediatric Dentist these questions

But sometimes this sequence and timing is disrupted; as the teeth begin to fall at a very early time. If you are worried that the baby teeth will fall off early then you must ask the following questions from experts at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa or any other dental clinic.

When it is soon to Lose Baby Teeth?

At the age of 3 years all of the baby teeth have emerged. But if the child is losing the teeth at the age of 4 then you can worry. But if the first teeth are lost at 6 years of age then it is a natural thing.

What consequence it has?

The major consequence of early teeth loss is crowding. As the other teeth emerge; there will be less space for the permanent teeth. The muscle of the jaw and development of the bone is disturbed. This will have serious negative impact on the overall structure of the face.

How does the child lose teeth?

During childhood as especially when the child is developing; he/ she try to walk but wobble and fall down. This can injure the teeth and it can fall off. Many times the child is not given the proper care can result into tooth decay and lost tooth.

At what time the teeth are lost?

The natural time of baby teeth fall is at the 6 years or it can also go to 7 years as well. The last baby teeth are lost between the ages of 11 to 12 years. This is the most appropriate time because it helps the adult teeth fixed in position.

Can the teeth be fixed once lost?

Yes there are many treatment options that can help your child’s loss teeth. The dentist will first assess the extent of the damage; whether any prior treatment is required or not. After that the kid’s dentist can use spacers to maintain the right gap till the adult teeth emerge.

What if the teeth come out late?

You can wait for some time as children have different developmental rate. It may happen that your child’s rate of growth is different from others. But if the teeth are taking longer time then visit a pediatric dentist immediately.

How to save the knocked out Tooth?

Place the knocked off teeth in a container and fill it up with milk. Water can also be used but milk should be your primary choice. The teeth are important because the spacers are measured by it. The roots must be protected and also kept healthy.

Can Early Teeth loss be prevented?

It is very easy; just like you take good care of the teeth for the reason to prevent them from various dental issues. In the same way early teeth loss can be avoided by taking excellent care of your baby’s teeth.

Which is the right time to visit a Dental Clinic?

As soon as your child’s first tooth emerges; it is the most appropriate time to visit an Emergency Pediatric Dentist. He/ she will examine the child and carefully note down all the info that will help further in time.