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Taking care of dental health is very important to lead a healthy and happy life, since taking care of your oral health, you can smile more easily, and it is already known that the smile is the protagonist of happy people. For this reason we give you some healthy habits for your mouth:

The most important dental hygiene

We have already told you several times, the best for a completely healthy mouth is to keep it clean, so use a quality or manual electric brush, if the latter is of medium hardness, to avoid gum retraction.

Eat an apple and / or rinse with water

Brush if possible after each meal. If you can not rinse your mouth with water several times until you completely remove the remains of food. Another solution is to eat an apple (better green) after the meal and then perform said rinse.

Floss and rinse

Do not forget to floss or interdental brushes and mouthwash. Remember to use an interdental brush and a mouthwash suitable for your type of mouth. To know which one to use, consult a dental hygienist.

Prophylaxis once every 8 months

Visit to the dental hygienist for prophylaxis treatment every 8 or 10 months. This is also very important, as it is impossible to remove the entire plate only with daily cleaning.

Fluorine once a day

The use of fluoride daily can help take care of your teeth properly. If you don’t use a fluoridated toothpaste, look for a mouthwash and apply it at least once a day. Better if it’s at night.

Brush your teeth in the morning

Brushing your teeth as soon as you get up, even before breakfast, can help you with your oral hygiene, to eliminate bacteria accumulated throughout the night. This should be done at least 10 minutes before breakfast.

Eat adequate meals for your teeth

Eating healthy is also important for your dental health, as excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks can cause your dental health to suffer (tooth decay, gum inflammation …). As much as possible, avoid beverages and dyes or reduce their consumption, such as coffee, red wine, chocolate, beets … Instead, eat foods such as fish, green vegetables and fruits (the latter is a good substitute for saturated sugars, if you feel like candy).

Do you have bite problems? Do an orthodontic treatment

If you have a bad bite or discolored teeth, we recommend that you go to an orthodontic professional , since it is not only an aesthetic solution, but above all health. Not only will you avoid possible caries or gum problems, but also muscle problems (a bad bite can cause cervical problems). If you want to see all orthodontic treatments, click on the link.