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For those of us who have our own rides, we usually make our cars the extension of our own homes. We take the necessary steps to make our trip our own. We want our cars to feel comfortable during our commutes. Some people go to the extreme and even live inside their vehicles. Of course, this article will not teach you how to live inside your car!

We will have a brief rundown on the seven different things each one of us needs in our car. Each item in this list may, in some form or another, be able to make our vehicles more relaxing and feel like home. Here we go!

  1. USB Car Charger

Most, if not all, of us, own a smartphone. It has become a necessary part of our everyday lives. Most of us will even catch ourselves, saying that we could never live without our smartphones. Well, because of that, the USB Car Charger has become ubiquitous with car cup holders in that we need these things to function correctly inside our vehicles. Smartphones are getting power-hungry every year because of all the processing power, screen real estate, and features crammed into that 6-inch shell. The humble USB Car Charger allows us to top-off our smartphone’s battery while being stuck in traffic or on a long commute. That’s one thing to be thankful for!

  1. Air Freshener

Admittedly, everyone needs some sort of air freshener for their car. That new car smell will never last for long. Before you know it, all kinds of scents and odors will hound your vehicle. These are due to multiple factors – bringing in and transporting food, leaving soiled clothes, shoes, socks, and underwear in your car. And not being able to clean your car immediately after you expose the insides to strong smells all contribute to losing that new car smell after a few months. Not unless you never bring food in your car and always take a bath before riding it, you will have to contend with smells and odors popping in your car. Thankfully the air fresher was invented to help control these odors and help keep your car smell fresh and new or like pine trees if that’s your thing!

  1. Floor Mats

You ever had trouble cleaning your vehicle’s carpet flooring after a day at the beach or coming from your kid’s soccer game, which promptly turned into a mud match? Floor mats are the perfect answer to these situations. The floor mats are designed as an added layer or barrier to ensure that dirt and mud do not seep through to your car’s carpet flooring resulting in hard to clean car floors. It is way easier to clean those as these are removable, and most, if not all, are washable with minimum effort. Go for the rubber made variety to ensure better traction with your shoe as well as being far easier to clean. You can never go wrong with these!

  1. Smartphone Holder or Mount

Remember, when I said that people couldn’t live without their smartphones? Well, this is just another example of the necessary stuff we need in order to maximize the features of our smartphone fully. The smartphone mount should come in handy when you need to use the GPS of your phone and mapping applications to give directions to your destination. This ensures that the phone is within reach and would not impair your road visibility if properly installed. Also, look to install it so that it is within your immediate field of view, so you should not have to resort to looking down at your phone and losing focus on the road!

  1. Mini Garbage Can

Most of us think it is not necessary to have a small garbage can onboard our vehicles. You would think to yourself why you would need a garbage can when you have all these car compartments to store these uhm, garbage. Well, by design, these compartments – cup holders, ashtrays, or drawers were not designed to store trash. Storing trash for prolonged periods in these compartments can often lead to degradation or damage to the materials of these compartments. When this happens, repairing or replacing these compartments can be expensive! Remember, you would have to find the right kind that fits your car and pay someone (or your dealer) to install it for you. Ultimately just buying a small garbage can will pay off sooner than you think because it would be so much easier to replace and not have to fuss over the correct parts, brand, or model just to restore!

  1. Pillows

Wait; what? Pillows? Yes, pillows. We recommend you have at least one in your car. Aside from it being there to add comfort and hominess to your vehicle. You could use the pillow for various circumstances! Most of us might suffer for back strain due to prolonged driving, adding a pillow in between your lower back and backrest has shown to improve posture and reduce back strain during long drives. Also, the pillows are there for the kids. Who would not want a comfy ride for their children? Lastly, the pillows can be used to secure breakable items being transported. Think of the pillows as padded shock absorbers to keep your breakables from smashing to each other or into your window!

  1. Bobbleheads!

Let’s face it! A car isn’t a car without the all too familiar bobble head! It’s your way of declaring ownership of your car by choosing and putting your desired bobblehead onto the dash. A bobblehead is a symbol of yourself. It’s like your alter ego being put into the car and showing the passengers and car peepers that you have affixed your soul into that car. Most of us would just go and buy off the shelf bobbleheads – dogs, cats, politicians. But if you want to take it one step further and affix part of you to your car, what better way than to make your custom bobblehead? Bobblehead boy offers this service and offers 100% custom bobbleheads based on your submitted images. These custom bobbleheads will set you and your vehicle apart with a touch of uniqueness. How’s that for making your car yours?

We should all remember that at the end of the day, whatever we put into our vehicles represents what is important to us. So, go ahead, consider other things you need to make your car home!