Graduation party cups
Sardar M Imran

Passed your finals with flying colors and cleared all the courses? It’s time to celebrate! Your final year may have finished, but the high school/ college experience isn’t over yet. There is one more event to have a blast at before you dive headfirst into the ‘real world’.

We’re talking about a graduation party, of course! You’ve probably been brainstorming and collecting ideas on Pinterest for weeks now. It’s time to actually bring them to life!

Whether you’re graduating yourself and want to throw a party as the final get-together with your batchmates or you have a loved one graduating soon – we’re here to help! Try out these easy graduation party ideas to make your event one of the most memorable ones ever!

Super Easy Graduation Party Ideas

Ready to throw your friends and loved ones a kickass graduation party to celebrate this milestone? Here are some super easy party ideas that you can easily DIY at home and turn the event into a huge success! Your friends will love you for it.

1.     A Messages and Memories Pinup Board

Hang up a bulletin or pinup board with memorable pictures and messages for your friends. You can even keep post-it notepads and colorful markers for your batchmates to write their own notes or favorite memories together.

Also, encourage your guests to leave behind some words of advice for the future or a well-wish for life ahead!

2.     Make a Pictures Wreath

A wreath with pictures of your favorite events and memories from the senior year can be put up as the perfect display. It will be wonderful memorabilia for everyone to think back to the good times and remember how much fun you all had. Add in some glitter and ribbons for a super cute and attractive décor piece.

3.     DIY Backdrop in front of Some Curtains

Trying to find the perfect backdrop for taking pictures? Make use of your large windows!

If you already have silk curtains or other fancy ones, great! If not, you can just hang up a tablecloth or even your school or college’s flag over the windows and add some celebratory banners in front of it. The muted light from the back will allow everyone to take gorgeous pictures!

4.     Hang Out Some Balloon Superlatives

Want to make this graduation party extra special for your friends? Dig out all of your favorite high school or college pictures together and get a pack of balloons. Get these pictures printed in Polaroid form and write funny titles on each.

Then, using a long string and a punching machine, tie up the pictures to the balloons and let them float by near the entrance. It will be the perfect welcome to your graduation party!

5.     Decorate the Cutlery

When everything is graduation themed, why should your cutlery be left non-festive and boring?

Be sure to pick out some graduation plates and napkins for your party. They will add that extra special touch of celebration and are sure to get some wows from your guests! Another great tip is to make tiny graduation banners and wrapping them around paper straws to add some fanciness to the drinks.

6.     Bake Graduation Themed Cupcakes

No party is complete without some themed food items, of course!

If you want to add a celebratory touch to your food, cupcakes are always an easy win. You can use your school or college’s colors in the batter and even decorate them with colored icing on top. Another great trick is to bake the cupcakes in graduation party cups (make sure they’re over-proof beforehand). Lastly, you can finish them off with some fondant structures that resemble your mascot or even a graduation cap for a simple yet aesthetic look.

7.     Chalkboard Speech Bubbles for Photo Ops

All you need is a small chalkboard borrowed from your younger siblings or some large MDF sheets from home depot to create the perfect photo op. The best part is that it’s entirely customizable! You and your friends can write down your own messages on the board using chalk or chalk markers for that perfect insta-worthy shot!

Try out some funny and quirky phrases like ‘finally, done’ or ‘can’t believe I actually graduated’!

Congrats – You Did It!

There you go, your perfect graduation party is ready to begin! Do your best to customize as many of the components as you possibly can and DIY your way through it. While it may take some time, it will be well worth the effort to see the huge smiles on your guests’ faces. And it will even save you a pretty buck! What more could one ask for?