5 Important Questions to Ask your Optometrist

If you ever find yourself in an Optometrist’s consultation office, you may want to ask some pertinent questions. Now, that could be your first time meaning that you wouldn’t know what to ask. How about we get into some of the questions that you can ask to ensure that you enjoy a clear vision, for the rest of your life.

1.What Tests do I Need?

Most people who have visited an eye doctor before are familiar with a Snellen chart but vision tests extend beyond that. Depending on your issue, the optometrist may recommend an ocular coherence tomography, a retinal imaging scan, rebound tonometry, or even automated refraction.

Of course, those terms are not comprehensive to the average person and that is understandable because you do not have any optometry training. Naturally, your doctor will elaborate on what the tests they recommend for you entail.

2.What is the Meaning of My Symptoms?

You will be at the Optometrist’s in the first place because you are experiencing issues with your eyes and that is exhibited by symptoms. However, since you are not an expert, you probably don’t know what those symptoms mean.

It would therefore make sense to ask your eye doctor what symptoms like eye pain, light sensitivity, redness, and blurred vision mean. Even if you don’t ask, they will still do it because they need to know what symptoms you are experiencing to make the right diagnosis.

3.Do I Need Contact Lenses?

Most people with eye problems automatically assume that they need contact lenses. However, it wouldn’t be right for you to just go ahead and get the same just because your vision is not as crisp as you would like it to be.

What you probably don’t know is that there are different kinds of contact lenses in the market including single-use disposable lenses and specialized ones for patients who suffer from conditions such as keratoconus.

Whatever it is that you are suffering from, only an optometrist can tell you whether you need contact lenses or not.

4.What Can I Do to Maintain and Improve My Eye Health?

This is a question to be asked after the doctor has diagnosed your issue and prescribed a solution. Of course, the optometrist will give you general tips for maintaining and improving your eye health, but they will also offer advice based on your eye condition.

The advice could be anything from preventive measures and annual checkup recommendations, to lifestyle changes and medication.

5.What is the Best Treatment for my Eye Condition?

Your eye condition can be taken care of by medication or a surgical procedure, but you won’t know that unless you ask your optometrist. The eye doctor will often offer a solution for your problem but feel free to ask what other options are available to you and discuss the best way to go forward.

Final Thoughts

Engaging with your optometrist will be more beneficial than not because you get to arrest your fears and understand your condition better. With the five questions talked about in this article, you will be armed with most of the information you need as far as your eye health.