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Over the years, WhatsApp has reached billions of users across the world. Our employees, kids, partner, and other loved ones have almost accessed to smartphone and surely, they used WhatsApp as well. But why does someone need to spy on anyone WhatsApp messenger?

WhatsApp is a social media app which has almost replaced phone messages, call and MMS as it is easy to use. People use WhatsApp for routine calls, SMS, sharing data and for group meetings as well. Over time, WhatsApp is also used for online crimes like cyber harassment, stalking, threatening, bullying and such other harmful things.

Spy technology has much reduced the ratio of online crimes by providing advanced spy software. TheOneSpy is the best spy software for WhatsApp that secretly and remotely works with accuracy and reliability. Let’s discuss TOS WhatsApp spy software in detail.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy Software 

TheOneSpy provides a particular solution for WhatsApp spying in the form of TOS WhatsApp spy software. It empowers the user to spy on targeted WhatsApp messenger and to track all performed activities by the targeted person on their account. This amazing software facilitates a user by preventing the potential risk of social crimes like bullying, cyberstalking, harassment and data breaching, etc.

To get this outstanding software, all a user just needs to get the compatible software and install into a targeted device according to given instructions of the TOS. It works both on rooted and un-rooted devices and spies on all online and offline activities of targeted WhatsApp. Parents can prevent their teenagers from predators and other online dangers. Likewise, an employer can monitor all conversations of targeted employees with time and date.

4 ways of WhatsApp spying with TOS

TheOneSpy provides 4 different tools for tracking targeted WhatsApp messenger activities.


  • WhatsApp Messenger Tracker


It does track all live and previous activities of targeted WhatsApp and empowers the user to view any chat at any time by getting physical hidden access over targeted WhatsApp.


  • WhatsApp Voice Message Tracker


It empowers a user to listen to live voice calls and voice chats as well. A user can also get voice messages history of targeted WhatsApp messenger.


  • WhatsApp Keylogger


It facilitates a user by providing secret information like usernames, passwords or any other secret code used by the targeted person.


  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder


With the TOS WhatsApp screen recorder, a user can send a command of automatically recording targeted messenger activities. It records in short 1-minute clips.

Why TOS WhatsApp Spy Software Is Need of the Hour? 

The question arises in many people’s minds when they get to know about this amazing software. TOS aim is to reduce people’s worries by making their lives more comfortable. Let’s look at some scenarios where a user feels the need to spy on their targeted person secret acts.


  • Online Cybercrime


WhatsApp is also used in cybercrimes as people make useless groups and start sharing vulnerable content that badly affects kids. Kids start taking an interest and then search that bad content on the internet. Besides that, some workers also find in taking an interest in useless activities like to bully others or being threatened to share business secret information.


  • Physical and Mental health of Kid/ employee


Parents feel that their teens are showing the sign of stress, depression, aggression, loneliness, and such others after using mobile. This is also because sometimes a kid gets involved in fights or become a victim by a predator and couldn’t share with anyone fears. In such a situation, parents can only detect the reason and protect their kids from being physically or mentally ill.

Likewise, sometimes a hardworking employee shows such symptoms like lazy, tired, weak, depressed or lonely. So, an employer can remotely and secretly monitor them to protect their hard-working employee from being ill.


  • Wasting hours


Sometimes an employee wastes their working hours in useless chatting, calling or gossip with colleagues, which affects their productivity. Likewise, kids start using phones by stealing eyes from parents. So, TOS helps parents to track what do their kids do on WhatsApp during study hours.


We concluded that TOS provides best spy software for WhatsApp which works 100% in stealth mode without leaving any mark behind. It is the best spying software in 2020 as well as it is successfully facilitating people for many years.