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Today I’m going to be sharing with you some tips tricks and some products that I’ve been using to help repair my dry damaged hair.

1.Trimmed Your Hair Regularly. 

This is something that I started doing ever since my hair was completely ruined to the point where it was snapping off. So having your hair trimmed and having all those split ends just snipped off helps promote hair growth and helps your hair start growing instead of splitting at the ends.

2.Wash Your Hair Every Two to Three Days

This is something that I had to learn to do I used to wash my hair every single day until finally, I realized that it was really bad doing that because you’re stripping your hair of all of the natural oil. It did take a couple of weeks before my hair got used to not being washed every single day. And now my hair follicles produce the right amount oil.

So now all I use is a dry shampoo in between washes and these are a few of my favorite brands at the moment.

3.Use The Shampoo that’s Targeted for Dry Hair

Now over the past year. I have to say I’ve tried so many different brands of shampoos in hopes that it would somehow help my dry damaged hair. The one brand it always seems to fall back on is the brand, O.G. X. They have a huge line of paul mitchell the conditioner to choose from.

Now the one reason why I always go back to this brand is that they’re shampooing are very gentle. It’s great for color-treated hair.

And I like the way how my hair feels afterward because it feels very nice and soft and I also just take a few seconds to massage this shampoo onto my scalp and circular motions to promote hair growth as well as circulation on my scalp.

4. Use an Argan Oil Hair Mask

Argon oil is often called liquid gold and I believe it is. So I’ve been using the royal formula argon oil hair mask which smells phenomenal. It has such a pleasantly sweet scent to it. So what I like to do is I’ll take a generous amount of this and I’ll even place by my roots.

The great thing about moroccanoil texture clay is that it doesn’t weigh down my hair. And then I just like to drag the product down to the ends of my hair where it’s pretty much damage. Just some of the benefits of using an argon hair mask are that it hydrates it smooth it repairs and strengthens weak damaged or over-processed hair.

I fall into this category. My hair was super over the process and damaged it also promotes natural hair growth. So basically this is an all in one. So I like to leave this hair masking my hair for about five to 10 minutes. Do whatever else I got to do and then rinse it out with warm water.

5. Use Cold Water to Close The Cuticles of the Hair

So we use warm water to open the cuticles of the hair which then absorbs all of the conditioners all of the shampoo. So to close the cuticle what I like to do is I’ll just turn my head upside down. I’ll put the water to cold and I’ll just run it under there for a good 40 45 seconds to close the cuticles. And it also promotes shiny hair.

6. Use a Wide-tooth Comb or a Gentle Brush when The Hairs Wet

That’s actually when it’s most vulnerable. So you want to be extra gentle at this point especially if you have damaged hair because your hair can just snap off when you’re brushing it or combing it.

So here I’m using the wet brush which is super gentle on the hair. It doesn’t pull or tug.

7. Use a Hair Serum 

Here serums are specifically targeted to help add strength and also elasticity back into the hair. So here I’m using the one from algae x. It’s the nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage hair serum.

I’d just like to place this on the lower half of my hair where I had a ton of breakage. It smells amazing.

8. Give Your Hair a Break from Heat Tools. 

Now we all love our blow dryers straight. Nerves are curling ones. However, since we’re trying to repair the hair the best thing to do is just to let your hair air dry naturally. And also if we need to use a key tool just use it on occasion. Trust me your hair will thank you.

9. Take your care vitamins

So I’ve been taking nature’s reward gorgeous hair skin and nail gummies. I take two of these a day. They taste delicious. These contain biotech and biotech is amazing for your hair to promote hair growth.

10. Use Hair Oil

I’ve been using objects renewing the argan oil of Morocco. It’s a penetrating oil for all hair types. I like to place a dime-size amount of this on the palm of my hand and I’ll just place this on the ends of my hair as well as on any flyways that are close to the roots of my hair but I don’t like to place a lot of it by that area because it does tend to weigh down my hair.

But this is supposed to instantly help penetrate the hair shaft to restore shine and softness and you can instantly see that my hair has some shine to it.

My hair is definitely on the road to recovery. With the help of the products that I mentioned in today’s article as well as the tips and tricks that I shared with you today. So hopefully if you guys are on the road to recovery with your hair you found this article helpful. bye 🙂